Friday, January 11, 2013

8 Weeks Post-op (Derotation Surgery)

Yay!! Grayson's casts came off at his 6 week check up. :) His legs look amazing!! They are so straight and his walking looks great! He's not tripping over his feet or turning his feet almost backwards in very awkward positions while playing. We couldn't be more happy with our decision!

At 4 weeks post-op he was allowed to start walking in his casts....which literally took him a day to master. The ortho doctor couldn't believe how well he was walking in casts. Then at 6 weeks post-op, his casts came off and he's now wearing afos full time for the next four weeks. As soon as the afos were on, he hopped off the table and took he'd never even had surgery or been in casts & immobilized. We couldn't have been more proud. Grayson is such a tough and resilient little guy!

Here he is the day his casts came off and a picture of his straight, chubby feet :)