Sunday, April 17, 2011

On the move!

Last month Little G decided it was time to roll to get to where he wanted to go! He was 7 months the first time he rolled across the room. He's been able to roll both ways for a few months but this was the first time he has done it continuously! It was so exciting!! Little G started sitting on his own at 6 months and it took 1 month of that for him to get bored staying put. He is now 8 months and scooting all around! He will go from sitting to rolling and rolling to getting on all fours rocking back and forth. This week I've even caught him reaching for toys while being on all fours supporting his weight on one arm. I don't think crawling is too far off but only time will tell! For now we are ecstatic!!

Also, two weeks ago we got his new AFO's with a thigh cuff attached to help his ITT. They are holding his legs straight now and we're seeing improvements in his legs already! =) And, they really help him to weight bear and stand!

Here is Little G standing and playing in the mirror:

Here he is in his leg braces standing in his exersaucer:

Standing at the couch in his braces:

Sitting playing with his favorite toy...a cell phone:

Now rolling around with the phone playing: