Friday, May 11, 2012

Walking without Braces & SB Clinic

A little surprise happened this week... Grayson has decided he's a full time walker! Usually he crawls around in the evenings after we take his braces off, but the past few nights he has decided to walk!! Here he is strutting his stuff!!

And... he has been able to stand from floor on his own a few times! I suspect he'll master this pretty soon!

Today we had SB clinic and I'm happy to report everything went great! Urology said kidneys and bladder still look perfect so the no cathing continues. And he said since Grayson has remained stable since birth we can begin yearly visits and renal u/s! =) GI was able to give us some answers as to why Grayson never wants to eat. Turns out he thinks Grayson has slow digestion (totally unrelated to SB) and prescribed us something to help him digest food faster. Hopefully, this will help our eating situation. Grayson is up two pounds and two inches in the past 3 months!! Yay!! He's finally beginning to grow! It was great to hear since he hadn't gained an ounce or cm in the prior 6 months! Ortho agreed to give us a script for smo's since he's doing so well in his afo's and starting to walk out of braces. All in all it was a long, but great day!!


  1. Wow, Congratulations to Grayson for being such a great walker. That is so exciting. I was wondering what medicine they put him on for the slow digestion? Our Annabelle was diagnosed with the same thing about 8 months ago and was put on Bethanochol (sp?). Sadly, we haven't seen any improvements. I really want to try something else so I'd love to hear what you guys are using and if you see any improvements.

    Anything yo can share is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

    Mom to Jack (7), Benjamin (5) and Annabelle (almost 3 and has SB)

  2. Hi Nicole!
    Thanks so much for your sweet comments :)

    He's taking erythromycin and yes it's helping some. He's definitely digesting his meals quicker but it hasn't helped his vomiting at mealtime at all! :( We are actually scheduled for an endoscopy next week...hoping to find some answers to his vomiting and refusal to eat.