Friday, November 30, 2012

Derotation surgery

After much anguish and anxiety, we decided to move foward with the derotation surgery. It has now been 2 weeks since surgery and I'm happy to say things are going great! Grayson has been in little to no pain. He's totally ok with being in casts and unable to walk or stand. We thought this would be the most difficult part of the surgery. Grayson loves walking. I really can't believe how content he is sitting or scooting around. He hasn't even tried to stand or walk...he just knows he can't. He points to his casts and says, "Boo boos". It's so cute!!

Yesterday we saw ortho for a two week check up. He took X-rays to see how Grayson's legs are healing. The dr. said he had enough helping to go down from full leg to short, below the knee casts! Yay! Grayson can now crawl around and we can work on keeping his hamstrings, glutes, and hips strong in pt. We go back in two weeks again to check on his progress. Dr. says if he has enough healing, he will remove the pins and Grayson can go down to just afos full time :) If not, he has 2 more weeks in casts. So please say a prayer that he's healed enough for afos in 2 weeks!

Here's some pictures before and after surgery:

The day before surgery (you can see how turned in his feet are):

Day of surgery/another shot of how turned in he was:

Right after surgery (we had to stay overnight in the hospital):

Little man on the move...he scooted out of the playroom, opened the sliding glass door, and scooted out into the yard...
(1 week post op):

Laughing when the casts were being cut off saying, "That tickles"!
(2 weeks post op):

View of legs nice and straight before being re-casted in short casts
(2 weeks post op):

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